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Your assignment is to research your assigned Utah County and work with your group to create a commercial.

Step 1

Locate your county on the Utah Counties page. As you research, fill out the research form. You can find additional information about your county on the Additional Resources page.

Step 2

Once your research form is complete and you feel like you know a lot about your county, you are ready to start on your commercial. Watch the state commercials below to get an idea about how your commercial should look:

Experience The Mighty 5:
Utah's National Parks

California Tourism -
Dreamers TV Commercial

Colorado Tourism
Commercial: Breathe

Step 3

Get together with the other students who researched the same county as you. Together, finish filling out the research form. You will need to decide on a slogan for your county and make a rough draft of your commercial. Once your group has agreed on a slogan, you can start planning your commercial by filling out the commercial outline.

Step 4

Now the fun part begins! Show Miss Bell your commercial outline and she will give you an iPad. Together with your team, you will use iMovie to film and edit your commercial.

Step 5

Once everyone has finished filming and editing their commercials we will have a commercial watching party.